Physical index of BJ-789 anti-mold agent

2021-10-26   Pageview:581

Physical properties Composition:
Benzonitrile , benzimidazole compounds
Active ingredient content (%) ≥98
Morphology: white to off-white powder
Stability: acid and alkali resistant, heat resistant
Stable to UV, decomposition temperature >280℃











The bifunctional initiator has the characteristic of gradually generating free radicals, and its applications are mainly in the following four aspects: ①used for free radical copolymerization to prepare block copolymers; ②used for free radical homopolymerization, to prepare high relative Molecular weight products, improve production efficiency, optimize the polymerization process; ③Used for free radical homopolymerization to prepare ultra-high molecular weight polymers; ①Used to prepare amphiphilic block copolymers, such copolymers contain both hydrophilic segments and A copolymer containing hydrophobic segments. Commonly used bifunctional initiators montan wax application are shown in Table 4-10.

Multifunctional initiator
A multifunctional initiator refers to a compound containing more than 3 active groups in an initiator molecule. These active groups can generate free radicals through decomposition to initiate polymerization. For example: trifunctional cyclic peroxides, such as TET MTPA (Ⅲ) initiate styrene polymerization, the structure of TET MTPA (Ⅲ).


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