Physical Index of Biocide BK

2021-10-27   Pageview:248

Appearance:  Transparent liquid
Active ingredient content: 75%
pH(0.1% aqueous solution): 9-11
Package and storage:
Packed in 200kg/sealed plastic drums; stored at room temperature and airtight for one year.













Matching the polymerization temperature and the activity of the initiator The most important and most difficult choice of the initiator is to match the polymerization temperature with the activity of the initiator. In the shortest possible polymerization time, to synthesize the required relative molecular weight polymer, the monomer conversion rate cannot be less than 95%, and the best is more than 98%, and the remaining initiator dose is minimized.
The decomposition temperature of the initiator is low, and when the reaction temperature is high, the polymerization reaction speed is fast, so that the polymerization reaction cannot be controlled. In bulk polymerization and suspension polymerization, explosive polymerization is prone to occur.

In solution polymerization, when the monomer content is not large, such as about 50%, the heat released by polymerization can be taken away in time, which can prevent the explosive polymerization. The relative molecular mass of the polymer is not uniform. When the monomer conversion rate is low, what is micronized wax the initiator has been decomposed and the polymerization reaction is terminated, which not only reduces the yield, but also releases a large amount of unreacted monomer during construction, which pollutes the environment. In this case, you should switch to an initiator with a higher decomposition temperature or lower the reaction temperature.

On the contrary, if the decomposition temperature of the initiator is too high and the polymerization temperature is too low, the polymerization reaction speed will be slow. Although the required monomer conversion rate can be achieved by prolonging the reaction time, there are more residual initiators in the resin, which not only increases the cost, but also affects the product. Aging performance.

Generally, an initiator whose half-life is 1/3 of the reaction time at the reaction temperature can be selected to obtain a relatively high monomer conversion rate, and the amount of residual initiator in the resin is less.


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