Advantages of AEM5700-PF leather anti-mold agent

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AEM5700-PF leather anti-mode agent can be used in a wide range of production methods, such as batch type and continuous type can be processed without changing the process and production equipment as much as possible. It is a non-releasing type treatment agent that does not leach out, does not migrate, and is not consumed by microorganisms. It can give superior durability to the substrate surface, and does not cause resistance to the drug by a special mechanical sterilization.











The initiator decomposes in the water phase to generate primary free radicals and enter the micelles to initiate monomer polymerization. Therefore, the solubility of the initiator should take into account the distribution of the free radicals it generates in the water phase and the organic phase. Too much water solubility ebs wax clariant is not easy to enter the micelles, and the solubility in the organic phase is too large, and too many free radicals enter the micelles, reducing the degree of polymerization. When the monomer with a certain solubility in the water phase is used for emulsion polymerization, the water phase initiator can be used. The primary free radicals initiate the monomers dissolved in the water phase. The polymer free radicals generated have a certain lipophilicity and are easier to enter. Human micelles further initiate the polymerization of monomers in the micelles.

The choice of initiator
In emulsion polymerization, the most widely used initiators are water-soluble persulfates. For example, ammonium persulfate, potassium persulfate, and sodium persulfate are used at a temperature of 60-90°C. In persulfate, ammonium persulfate is used as the initiator, and the resulting emulsion has better water resistance, so it is the most widely used. Potassium persulfate has the least solubility in water (2%~4%), and the price is low. At present, most of the emulsion polymerizations of monomers such as acrylic acid, styrene and vinyl acetate use persulfate as the initiator. Although hydrogen peroxide can also be used as the initiator, there are many influencing factors, it is not easy to repeat, and the initiation efficiency is lower than that of persulfate.


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