Performance of anti-mold agent TIO-209

2021-10-29   Pageview:257

1. On mold, can effectively kill Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus variegatus, Xylella, branch spore mold, Penicillium mimicum and other mold, fungicidal spectrum wide long-lasting, low inhibition concentration, the industry caused by the common harm of mold, fungi, algae and bacteria have a strong killing effect.

2. Weather resistance, heat resistance, 150 ℃ below the high temperature does not decompose, good chemical stability, not hydrolysis, stable in weak acids and bases. It can stop the development of microorganisms for a long time, and the efficacy can reach 1-2 years, and it is resistant to rain, and it is effective to mold, bacteria, fungi and algae by adding a small amount.












This is very important and is the basic condition for the following silane modification. The following introduces the way to obtain nano-scale silica anti-wear agent and application examples.

Silane modified fumed silica
Silane shell layer coated silica particles. The surface of fumed silica aggregates is covered by silanol groups. Due to the hydrogen bonding association between the hydroxyl groups of the Si-OH groups of adjacent particles, it is easy to form a three-dimensional thixotropic network structure , It increases the viscosity of the system, so it is often used as a thickener or thixotropic agent in coatings, and the addition amount is very small, only about 1% to 3% of the formula, and it does not have the effect of abrasion resistance. In order to obtain eva wax additive abrasion resistance, the addition of fumed silica must reach 20% (mass fraction) or more, which will cause the viscosity of the coating system to increase greatly, exceeding the acceptable level, and the coating film loses transparency, making it applicable restricted. Therefore, the nano-scale fumed silica needs to be surface treated and modified to change the physical and chemical properties of its surface. The most reported method is to use alkoxysilane with organic functional groups to modify the surface of fumed silica particles, so that even if the amount of 30% (mass fraction) is added to the coating, it will not significantly improve the coating’s performance. Viscosity, completely transparent coating film and excellent abrasion resistance can be obtained.


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