Which wax to choose for non-stick coatings?

2022-03-22   Pageview:547

In the manufacture of coatings and inks, operators often add some additives to improve some of their special properties. Therefore, how to screen out a satisfactory variety of auxiliaries is a labor-intensive thing.

Regarding the selection of additives, we must first consider which type to use, and then screen out the varieties that can meet the needs according to the different properties of different types of additives. Taking wax powder as an example, you should start with these points:

(1) Under what circumstances do you need to use wax powder?

(2) Which type is the selected object

(3) What useful properties and bad defects can be brought about by adding into coatings and ink systems

Wax powder is white granular powder, the types include PE wax, PTFE wax and PP wax. Here, Tianshi wax powder recommends PTFE wax PTFE-0107 for non-stick coating.

This is pure polytetrafluoroethylene wax powder modified by special process equipment and surface activation. It has good transparency and smooth hand feeling, which can increase the scratch resistance, smoothness and high temperature resistance of the coating film. Due to the unique process, it has good dispersion and uniform particle size, and the effect on gloss is reduced.

Therefore, it is especially recommended for use in furniture paints, decorative paints, non-stick coatings, industrial coatings, powder coatings, coil coatings, UV light-curable coatings to increase abrasion resistance, hand feel and blocking resistance.


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