PVC Application Experiment

2021-02-24   Pageview:370

Nanjing Tianshi specializes in the production of polyethylene wax, fischer-tropsch wax and oxidized petroleum wax,annual output exceeds 15,000 tons. Nanjing Tianshi adopts modern DCS automatic control technology.

The product features concentrated molecular weight distribution, small thermal weight loss, stable and reliable quality. Polyethylene wax, fischer-tropsch wax and oxidized petroleum wax can play a good rheological control role in the field of PVC processing.

Fischer-tropsch wax has excellent external lubricity and can significantly delay plasticization, Compared with fischer-tropsch wax, polyethylene wax has higher molecular weight and better late lubricity. Oxidized petroleum wax has certain internal lubricity, good anti-precipitation and demoulding performance.

Nanjing Tianshi can produce various specifications of oxidized petroleum wax, which can provide more choices for PVC production formula, Nanjing Tianshi is committed to the research and production of high-quality lubricants for PVC processing. It studies on the plasticization performance and efficiency of different kinds of wax, Metal peelability of different specifications of oxidized polyethylene wax,compatibility and thermal stability of different lubricants, Nanjing Tianshi will be your professional partner in the lubricant field.



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