What is the role of lubricant in PVC?

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OPE wax has special properties such as low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness, good thermal stability, low high temperature volatility, good dispersion of fillers and pigments, excellent external lubricity, and strong internal lubrication. It also has a coupling effect, which can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing and reduce production costs.


It is used as dispersant, lubricant and brightener for pigments or fillers such as concentrated color masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, additive masterbatch, filler masterbatch, etc.

What role does OPE wax lubricant play in PVC?

1. Make the melt or part easy to demould:

Oxidized wax can reduce the adhesion of the melt to the metal surface of the processing equipment through external lubrication, so that the melt or the workpiece can be easily separated from the metal mold.

2. Reduce equipment wear:

Oxidized wax can reduce the friction between the material and the metal surface of the processing equipment through external lubrication, so it can reduce the wear of the metal surface of the processing equipment.

3. Improve the processing production rate:

Oxidized wax can reduce melt viscosity and improve melt fluidity through internal lubrication, thereby increasing the processing and production rate of PVC wax products. According to Guimon1’s research results, oxidized wax also affects the processing and production rate of products by affecting the apparent density and plasticization degree of PVC dry mix. This effect is particularly pronounced when processing with a twin-screw extruder, where the extrusion rate increases with the apparent density and degree of plasticization of the dry blend.

4. Reduce processing power consumption:

Oxidized wax can reduce the frictional heat generation of materials and thus reduce the heat loss of mechanical force, so it can reduce the power consumption of product processing.

5. Optimize the mechanical properties of products:

The mechanical properties (strength, hardness, toughness) of PVC products can only reach the best value when the degree of plasticization is appropriate. Oxidized wax is an effective plasticizing control agent. Therefore, reasonable use can optimize the mechanical properties of pvc products.

6. Improve the aesthetic properties of products:

The easy demoulding property of oxidized wax determines the surface smoothness of PVC products. In addition, oxidized wax can also improve the gloss and smoothness of the surface of the product.

In the plastics processing industry, the internal and external lubrication of PVC is relatively balanced; adding oxidized polyethylene wax to the hard transparent and opaque PVC formula has better lubricity than other lubricants. It is widely used in the production of PE and PVC cables, PVC profiles and pipes, and is an excellent new plastic processing lubricant.


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