How to use OIT n-octylisothiazolinone OIT-98?

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The recommended use concentration is 0.1 ~ 0.5%, and the use amount depends on the actual situation. This product is used in the field of sterilization and anti-mildew of interior and exterior wall emulsion paint, the recommended amount of addition is 0.1 ~ 0.3%, the specific amount of addition depends on the performance of paint products and the use of the environment.











KR-58cs changed one of the octyl groups in KR-38s to butyl, which shortened the hydrocarbon chain. Its advantage is that it can highlight the characteristics of pyrophosphate’s flame retardancy, increase adhesion and catalytic curing; the long carbon chain KR-38s is conducive to chain entanglement, increase wettability, improve impact strength and other properties.

KR-58cs and other pyrophosphoric acid titanates have a semi-catalytic curing effect on melamine, urea and other cured alkyd resins, acrylic resins and polyesters. Compared with the commonly used catalyst p-toluenesulfonic acid, pyrophosphate titanic acid Ester can lower the baking temperature by about 42~56℃.

Bifunctional or multifunctional organics react with alkyl titanate (usually titanium tetraisopropoxide) to form titanate chelate. At least one functional group is hydroxyl (or enol) and isopropoxy attached to titanium for alcoholysis reaction; another functional group may be hydroxyl, carboxyl, carbonyl or amino and isopropoxy group on titanium The reaction produces a five-membered or six-membered ring; or the lone pair of electrons between the oxygen on the carbonyl group and the nitrogen atom on the amino group is moved to the titanium atom to form a five-membered or six-membered ring:

The above two reaction formulas and structures can stabilize the titanate, reduce the reactivity, and improve the water resistance of the isopropoxy group in the titanate. Therefore, the integrated coupling agent has good water resistance and is suitable for pigments and fillers with high water content. Surface treatment, or directly used in water-based paint. However, it must be noted that the various reaction characteristics of isopropoxy in titanate still exist, high temperature or long-term contact with water, ptfe powder russia it will also undergo hydrolysis reaction like titanium tetraisopropoxide.

Chelating coupling agents can be divided into two series. One series is a group containing g alkoxy ethoxylate. Ken rich company of the United States adds the number 100 in front of the brand, such as pyrophosphate chelating type containing β alkoxy ethoxylate group. The grade is KR-138s.


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