Why do you need PE wax for road marking paint?

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Road marking paint with wax requirements: polyethylene wax fluidity to be good, giving products higher fluidity, better construction; good heat resistance, high hardness, so that the paint surface hardness, scratch resistance, anti-rolling, temperature resistance; titanium white powder has a good wetting and dispersing effect; good external slip performance, so that the paint film stain resistance is good.

1, Good fluidity of products, better construction.

2, It has good heat resistance, high hardness, good hardness of paint surface, and good temperature resistance.

3, especially recommended for shock line road marking paint, has a good wetting and dispersing effect on titanium dioxide powder.

4, cost-effective, both to the titanium dioxide powder has a good lubrication dispersion effect, does not affect the adhesion of the paint surface .

The advantages of oxidized polyethylene wax for hot melt marking coating

1, high softening point, can improve the heat resistance of road marking coatings; low viscosity, can be adjusted to improve the leveling, good flow properties, good construction, improve construction efficiency.

2, Abrasion resistance, anti-scratch, anti-scuff: wax distribution in the coating film to protect the coating film, prevent scratch, scuff and provide abrasion resistance.

3, Control the coefficient of friction: usually use its low coefficient of friction to provide excellent slipperiness of the coating film, while having a special silk soft touch due to different kinds of wax.

4, Resistance to chemicals: The stability of wax can give the coating film better resistance to water and salt water spray, etc.

5, Preventing lamination: avoiding back sticking and lamination of painted or printed materials.

6, Control glossiness: choose the appropriate type, depending on the amount of addition and have different matting and increase gloss effect, good three-dimensional sense.

7, Prevent the deposition of silica and other auxiliary materials hard knot, increase the storage stability of the coating.

8, especially recommended for shock line, road marking paint, the titanium dioxide powder has a good wetting and dispersing effect.

  Oxidized polyethylene wax for hot-melt marking paint

Mainly used in hot melt road marking coating (road marking paint, hot melt marking speed bump coating, hot melt speed monopoly coating, highway shock line coating).


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