How to choose a waterproofing membrane suitable for low-temperature environment?

2022-01-01   Pageview:477

Low-temperature bending is an important performance that reflects the environmental adaptability of waterproofing materials. Some waterproofing materials at room temperature may have excellent waterproofing performance, but replaced in the extreme low temperature environment, but easy to damage, damage, material life and waterproofing effect will be greatly reduced.

And TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) waterproofing membrane, as a roof can be applied to the preferred materials, often exposed to the environment, low-temperature bending shall have higher requirements, the lowest temperature in northern China can be as low as -40 ℃, and roofing from the ground high, need to withstand rain and snow, so in the roofing waterproofing materials to pay special attention to this indicator.

TPO waterproofing roll-roofing low-temperature bending performance, meaning that it can still maintain good performance (flexibility) at -50 ℃, not hard and not brittle, play an effective waterproofing function, such as encountering deformation will not be too low temperature and its own problems, the location of the welding is relatively more secure, especially for cold areas and structures prone to deformation of the building waterproofing project.

In addition to low-temperature bending this indicator of improvement, TPO waterproofing roll-roofing and many other advantages favored by the market Oh ~ TPO waterproofing roll-roofing has both ethylene propylene (EP) rubber weathering, ozone resistance, durability and weldability of polypropylene, no chlorine components, no plasticizers, high sunlight reflectivity, and can be recycled, safe energy-saving environmental protection; low water vapor permeability, heat aging, low-temperature fracture strength, size and color stability, high tear strength, puncture resistance, superior physical properties.

TPO waterproofing roll material can be widely used in: basements, tunnels, grain stores, subways, reservoirs, exposed roofs, planted roofs, traveling roofs on the roof, light steel roofing, old roof repair.

Tianshi non-curing waterproofing coating modifier can mainly significantly improve the high temperature performance of the coating, and can reduce a certain viscosity of the system, while not affecting the low temperature performance and ductility of the coating.

  Non-curing waterproofing coating modifier product features

1, so that the construction temperature of non-curing coatings can be reduced to 120-130 ℃.

2, 120-130 ℃ construction temperature to ensure that the non-stick.

3, Obviously improve the product heat-resistant temperature, heat-resistant temperature can reach 85-90 ℃.

4, Assist to solve the sagging of gravity during the construction of non-curing coating.

5, Reduces the melt viscosity during the production of non-curing coatings and improves production efficiency.

6, Have very good heat resistance performance, with good smoke suppression effect.


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