OIT n-octylisothiazolinone OIT-98

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OIT n-octyl isothiazolinone is an environmentally friendly,, broad-spectrum, non-formaldehyde releasing dry film mold inhibitor, OIT on mold, yeast, bacteria, fungi have a strong killing effect, mold resistance up to 0 level (** mold) in line with EU standards, mold performance through the U.S. ASTM test, is a new generation of fungicidal mold inhibitor.









Monoalkoxy fatty acid type
The short structure of this kind of species is -C: Hz OTi (OC OR) 3. Several units, including the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have carried out research and production work. Since each unit uses different carboxylic acid raw materials to produce different grades of titanium monoalkoxytricarboxylate coupling agents, although the main features and properties are the same, there are slight differences ptfe powder unit price in specific properties. Tests can be carried out according to specific requirements. Then choose to use. Because carboxylic acid has a wide range of raw materials and low prices, it is the cheapest variety of titanium coupling agents and is suitable for popularization and application.

Due to the large number of carbon atoms of long-chain fatty acids in the titanate coupling agent molecule, the treatment of inorganic pigments and fillers with it can greatly reduce the viscosity of the system, increase the dispersibility and the filling amount of inorganic substances, and improve the mechanical properties of the product. It is especially suitable for polyolefin plastics filled with calcium carbonate, and the effect is very obvious.
The carboxyl group connected to the titanium center has transesterification properties, can provide thixotropy, increase the viscosity of the system, and prevent precipitation.

This type of product has poor water resistance and is only suitable for the surface treatment of dry pigments and fillers, and is used in solvent-based coatings. Take the KR-TTS brand produced by Ken rich in the United States as an example. Its main component is isopropoxy titanium triisostearate, and the structural formula is iC gHz OTi[OC OCH 2(C Hz) iaCH(CH 3) twenty three.

According to the report of Ken rich company [31, it has the following performance and effect.
①Significantly reduce the viscosity of calcium carbonate in PVC plastisol or amine cured epoxy resin system.
②Improve the dispersibility of general inorganic or organic pigments in solvent-based base materials. especially
It can improve the dispersibility of calcium carbonate in hot-melt terpene resins, carbon black in polyolefins and titanium dioxide in polypropylene resins.
③Provide thixotropy and anti-settling effects for general pigments, fillers and calcium carbonate in amine cured epoxy resin.
④In the coating formulation, titanate coupling agent is often mixed, which not only reduces the viscosity of the system, but also prevents the precipitation of pigments and fillers. For example, using 1 part of TTS and 2 parts of KR-55° in epoxy resin, pass The transesterification effect of TTS prevents pigments and fillers from settling, and KR-55 reduces the viscosity of the system.
⑤ Improve the bonding performance between polyester and wood, low-pressure polyethylene and steel, and butyl polymer and glass.
⑥Unfilled expanded polystyrene, using a small amount of TTS can lower the extrusion temperature, increase the throughput of the material, and promote uniform foaming and improve quality.


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