Wax Effect In Epoxy Floor Coating

2022-12-15   Pageview:260

Epoxy floor coating has the effect of wax slurry. During the construction process of epoxy floor paint, there must be primer, top coat and intermediate coat, etc. Generally, the primer is for the treatment of the base surface. Penetrating primer, epoxy high adhesion primer and epoxy sealing primer are used to avoid damage to the topcoat caused by moisture. The topcoat is mainly used to bear mechanical friction and isolate all corrosive substances from invading the floor paint .

wax dispertions

1. Increase the thickness, the top coat is relatively thin, the wear resistance is low, and the cost of the intermediate coating is low. In addition, the thickness of the intermediate coating can be increased, so that the wear resistance is also improved a lot. The intermediate coating has a solvent-based intermediate coating There are two types of paint and solvent-free intermediate coating. Generally, the construction team will use solvent-based intermediate coating in order to reduce costs. This effect is not easy to dry, and it will cause great damage to the later stage. Therefore, the best process is Do solvent-free primer first, and then do solvent-based primer.
2. Reduce the cost. The intermediate coating is sandwiched between two layers, and the function is not so obvious. The price of the coating is reasonable, and there is no need to add toner, so the price is much cheaper.
3. To increase the wear resistance, the intermediate coating can not only increase the thickness but also effectively prevent friction, thus effectively prolonging the service life.

Since the wax slurry can endow the coating film with better wear resistance and scratch resistance, the coating with wax slurry can have very good wear resistance and scratch resistance. Tianshi matte wax paste can reduce the gloss of the coating film and has the effect of promoting the smoothness of the coating surface. Therefore, the coating with matte wax paste can improve the smoothness of the coating surface and reduce the gloss of the coating film.


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