What is the role of powder modifier in inorganic powder?

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In the traditional process, the production of ultra-fine electrodeless powder requires the ore to be crushed and ground. The finer the powder, the greater the molecular force. When the applied mechanical force is less than the molecular force, the powder will agglomerate. , due to the problem of agglomeration and the incompatibility of the back-end products, the product performance is completely unsatisfactory. Therefore, when processing inorganic powders, it is necessary to add powder modifiers to treat ultrafine powders in advance.

What is the main function of powder modifier in the treatment of ultrafine inorganic powder?

Powder modifier plays a lubricating role

1. During the lubrication process, the effect of less internal lubrication and more internal lubrication

The role of the powder modifier as an external lubricant is to reduce the bonding strength between the polymer melt and the screw, barrel and mold body, and reduce the friction between them; it takes a long time to plasticize, The fluidity of the molten material is poor, the plasticizing torque is large, the mechanical properties of the product decrease, it becomes brittle, and precipitation may occur.

2. During the lubrication process, the effect of more internal lubrication and less external lubrication

The internal lubricant is to reduce the friction between polymer molecules and increase the processing fluidity and uniformity of the polymer. The key to distinguish between internal and external lubricants is the compatibility of lubricants and polymers, and the compatibility of external lubricants is small. The plasticizing time is short, there is a heavy adhesion phenomenon, the surface gloss of the product is poor, and the thermal stability may be deteriorated.

the powder modifier plays a dispersing role

The working principle of the powder modifier is to adsorb on the surface of the inorganic powder, reduce the surface energy between the ultrafine powder, weaken the molecular force, and achieve the effect of uniform dispersion.

Powder modifier promotes compatibility with resin

The new powder modifier has an amphiphilic group, one part can firmly adsorb the surface of inorganic powder, and the other part can effectively combine with resin to improve the performance of inorganic powder in plastic products.

In summary, powder modifiers mainly play the role of lubrication, dispersion and compatibility when processing inorganic powders, and improve the performance of ultrafine powders in plastics and coating products.


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