Physical index of OIT n-octylisothiazolinone OIT-98

2021-11-03   Pageview:719

Appearance: yellow transparent thick liquid or crystalline
Active substance content (%): ≥98.0
Moisture(%): ≤1.0
Density(g/ml): 1.03~1.05












Monoalkoxy phosphate type
The structural formula of the main chemical components of this kind of variety is +CsH, OTi[oP OR.H This variety is poor in water resistance and is suitable for dry pigment and filler surface treatment. It is used in solvent-based coatings. Pigments such as iron red and titanium dioxide have obvious dispersion and anti-settling effects, and are especially effective for the dispersion of titanium dioxide. Take T TOP-12 (KR-12) produced by Ken rich as an example, its chemical composition is isopropoxy tris(dioctyl phosphate) titanium, and the structural formula is iC, H, OTILoko c),] ·According to Report P.1. It is particularly effective for the dispersion of titanium dioxide. It can improve the dispersibility of titanium dioxide in polypropylene, hot-melt terpene resins, epoxy resins, acrylic resins and alkyd resins. It can be used in polyamide-cured epoxy resins. In the resin, the use of titanium dioxide and T TOP-12 with a filler mass of 0.9% can significantly improve the performance of the paint film. It can be summarized into the following advantages:

①Significantly increase the coloring strength and reflective ability of the paint, thereby increasing the gloss of the paint film by 20%, increasing the coverage rate by 31%, improving the friction resistance and ptfe powder xs adhesion by about 40%, increasing the impact strength by 15% to 45% and increasing the flexibility;
②Improve the dispersibility of iron blue in polyvinyl chloride, phthalocyanine blue and metal pigments in solvent-based base materials such as polyacrylate and polyolefin;
③Increase the filling amount of pigments and fillers in the styrene-butadiene copolymer rubber and improve the adhesion of the styrene-butadiene copolymer rubber coating and concrete monoalkoxy pyrophosphate type
This type of product has better water resistance than general monoalkoxy titanate, and can be applied to the surface treatment of pigments and fillers with medium water content. The coupling mechanism is shown in Figure 15-6, but it is inferior to the chelate type in water resistance. It is used in the coating industry. It has a wide range of applications. In addition to good dispersibility for many pigments and fillers, it also has the effects of sun burning, corrosion resistance, increasing adhesion and catalytic curing. After years of test results, it can significantly improve the dispersibility, anti-settling performance and storage stability of various pigments such as carbon black, phthalocyanine blue, iron red, and medium chrome yellow in organic base materials, and shorten the number of grinding passes and time. Improve the adhesion and appearance quality of the paint film.


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