Application of Matting Powder in Coatings

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Polyurethane paint (PU paint):

Polyurethane coating is a common type of coating, which can be divided into two-component polyurethane coating and one-component polyurethane coating. Two-component polyurethane coatings are generally composed of isocyanate prepolymer (also called low molecular urethane polymer) and hydroxyl-containing resin, usually called curing agent component and main agent component.

According to the different hydroxyl-containing components, it can be divided into: acrylic polyurethane, alkyd polyurethane, polyester polyurethane, polyether polyurethane, epoxy polyurethane and other varieties.

This type of paint film is bright and plump, hard and wear-resistant, resistant to oil, acid, chemicals and industrial waste gas, good electrical properties, and can be miscible with a variety of resins. The formula can be adjusted in a wide range to meet different needs. Widely used in wood, automobile, aircraft, machinery, electrical appliances, instrumentation, plastic, leather, paper, fabric, petrochemical and other aspects.

At present, the largest application of matting powder is also on polyurethane paint:

1. Wood furniture paint: At present, alkyd polyurethane is mainly used in wood products. Now furniture factories have higher and higher requirements for transparency and hand feel, so paint manufacturers will try to reduce the amount of matting powder in the formula to increase the transparency.

2. Elastic paint: elastic paint belongs to polyester polyurethane and is mainly used in plastic parts such as automotive plastic components, power tools and electrical appliances. In addition to requiring coatings to have high elasticity, flexibility and wear resistance, these products also require The coating has weather resistance and water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and organic solvent resistance for long-term outdoor use.

3. Acrylic polyurethane paint: mainly used for outdoor wood paint, outdoor anti-corrosion paint and plastic paint.

Amino resin paint:

The amino paint is mainly composed of two parts, one is the amino resin component, which mainly includes butyl etherified melamine formaldehyde resin, methyl etherified melamine formaldehyde resin, butylated urea formaldehyde resin and other resins. paint polyethylene wax additive The second is the hydroxyl resin part, mainly including medium and short oil alkyd resins, hydroxyl-containing acrylic resins, epoxy resins and other resins.

1. Acid-curing alkyd urea-formaldehyde resin coating, commonly known as acid-curing paint (AC paint), is composed of alkyd resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, plasticizers and additives. .

2. Amino baking paint can be divided into three categories: alkyd amino baking paint, acrylic amino baking paint and polyester amino baking paint. Generally, the car paint is acrylic amino baking paint, and the coil paint is polyester amino baking paint. Amino baking paint is mainly used for automobile topcoat, household appliance coating, various metal surface coating, instrumentation and industrial equipment coating.

Alkyd resin paint (alkyd blend paint):

It is prepared from a medium-oil alkyd resin modified by drying vegetable oil, a drier, a mixed solvent of turpentine and xylene. The paint film has good adhesion and durability, can be dried at room temperature, but has poor water resistance. It is suitable for indoor wood and furniture surface coating, and can be used as alkyd enamel finish. It is prepared from alkyd resin, pigment, extender pigment, drier and organic solvent. The performance is between alkyd enamel paint and ester glue blend paint. It is mainly used for decorative protection of building materials, wood and metal surfaces. The amount of matting powder used is less, and the requirements for decorative effects are not high.

Nitro Lacquer (NC Lacquer):

Nitro paint is a relatively common wood and decoration paint. The main film-forming material of nitro lacquer is mainly nitrocellulose, which is combined with soft and hard resins such as alkyd resin, modified rosin resin, acrylic resin and amino resin. Generally, it is necessary to add plasticizers such as dibutyl phthalate, dioctyl phthalate, and oxidized castor oil. Solvents mainly include true solvents such as esters, ketones, alcohol ethers, co-solvents such as alcohols, and diluents such as benzene. Nitro paint is mainly used for wood and furniture painting, home decoration, general decorative painting, metal painting, general cement painting and so on. Since nitrocellulose itself has matting properties, NC varnish plus 1% matting powder can eliminate three points of light.

Epoxy Paint (EP):

The coating with epoxy resin as the main film-forming substance is called epoxy resin paint. There are many types, each with its own characteristics. In terms of curing methods, there are self-drying one-component, two-component and multi-component liquid epoxy coatings; baking type one-component, two-component liquid epoxy coatings; powder epoxy coatings and radiation curing epoxy coatings. There are solvent-based epoxy coatings, solvent-free epoxy coatings and water-based epoxy coatings by coating state. Including various features: strong adhesion, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, thermal stability and excellent electrical insulation, widely used in construction, chemical industry, automobiles, ships, electrical insulation and so on. The paint will lose its luster and chalk after being exposed to the sun, so it is suitable to be used as a primer.

Fluorine resin paint:

1. High-temperature baking-type tetrafluoro coatings based on PTFE are mainly used for high-temperature-resistant kitchen utensils.

2. The PVDF-based hot-melt fluororesin coating is mainly used for fluorocarbon spraying on the surface of aluminum profiles and aluminum plates. It is the best building material surface with good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance and durability. paint.

3. The room temperature curing cross-linked fluororesin coating based on FEVE, supplemented by the anti-corrosion of steel structure. Since the fluororesin itself has a certain degree of matting, the addition of matting powder is relatively small, and the amount of the entire market is also very small.

UV paint:

It is a kind of coating that can be rapidly cured into a film in a few seconds under the irradiation of ultraviolet light (ultraviolet, referred to as UV). It is a truly green and environmentally friendly paint without any volatile substances. The products produced by UV paint are green, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Water-based paint:

With the increasingly prominent environmental problems, traditional solvent-based coatings are gradually being replaced by some environmentally friendly coatings. The development of water-based coatings, especially those used for wood, has also increased the demand for silica matting agents. With traditional matting agents, water-based coatings can be matted under carefully controlled conditions, but it is more troublesome, and a little carelessness will cause many problems.

Powder coating:

Powder coating is a new type of solvent-free 100% solid powder coating. It has the characteristics of no solvent, no pollution, recyclability, environmental protection, saving energy and resources, reducing labor intensity and high mechanical strength of coating film.


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