Advantages of anti-mildew agent coating YH601

2021-11-04   Pageview:654

YH601 fungicidal preservative does not contain formaldehyde, does not contain any heavy metals, fungicidal preservative effect is remarkable.

Long-term use will not produce resistance, natural degradation does not produce toxic and harmful substances, and therefore no pollution to the environment, is the ideal water-based paint and paint irrigation with antiseptic.











It can increase the bonding properties of polyester and wood, polyester and polyurethane plastics, ethylene-propylene copolymer and brass, polyester and steel, foamed polyacrylic paint and steel.

With 0.4 parts (1%) of KR-138s, the system viscosity (25°C) of 40 parts of titanium dioxide in 60 parts of dioctyl phthalate can be reduced from 75Pa·s (75000cP) to 1.1Pars(1100cP); with 0.4 Parts (1%) of KR-138s, can reduce the system viscosity (25°C) of 40 parts of zinc oxide in 60 parts of dioctyl phthalate from 300Pa·s (300000cP) to 1.8Pa·s (1800cP); Similarly, 0.15 parts (1%) of KR-138s reduces the system viscosity (25°C) of 15 parts of carbon black (Regal 400) in 85 parts of medium oil alkyd resin from 51Pa·s (51000cP) to 23.5Pa·s( 23500cP). It is possible to increase the filling amount as the viscosity decreases. For example, 2% KR-138s treatment of iron red can increase the filling amount in the phenolic coating by 2.5 times and improve the physical properties at the same time.

The use of KR-138s can increase the conductivity of carbon black in the PVC material, micronized ptfe bulk reduce the drying temperature of the solvent-based alkyd enamel, and improve the physical properties.

When the alkyd enamel gels during the storage period, just add 28.35g KR-138s to the 4.546L (lg al) paint, and stir properly to restore the gelled enamel to its original state.

Add 2 parts of KR-138s and 1 part of triethylamine to the acrylic latex paint. It has the same corrosion resistance, flame retardancy and adhesion as KR-38, water resistance is better than KR-38s, and it can be dissolved. In toluene, xylene and other solvents, the pigments and fillers are coated or directly used in solvent-based coatings. Alkanolamine or amine reagents can also be used to make it quaternized and dissolved in water to coat the pigments and fillers. Or directly use in water-based paint. Commonly used amine reagents are DM AMP-80, triethanolamine, triethylamine and so on. According to the literature [2~4,11,12], it has the following performance and characteristics.


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