Oil-based paint anti-mildew agent ASD-YT

2021-12-04   Pageview:598

ASD-YT paint anti-mildew agent is a solvent-based anti-mildew agent with low toxicity, high efficiency, broad-spectrum and other characteristics, and has good inhibiting ability to fungi and molds.

It can achieve the ideal effect of anti-mold growth, soluble with most of the oil-based system, does not contain formaldehyde, in line with European and American standards, it can be used to inhibit the growth of fungi in the production and storage of printing inks and other paints. This product has been widely used in large-capacity storage paint, a large number of experiments and practical applications have proved that the acrylic acid, polyvinyl acetate, polystyrene butyl and other copolymers have excellent anti-mold effect, and has good compatibility with these products.













Ray bo Chemical Co. has also developed a product named Raybo60NoRust, which is developed to prevent corrosion of all types of latex in the tank. In the typical ethylene/acrylic flat emulsion paint on the market, synthetic paste wax 1 is added. % Ray bo. 60No Rust can completely prevent corrosion or flash corrosion in the tank. Polyvinyl acetate emulsion can generate acetic acid due to hydrolysis, which causes the most serious induced rust, so Ray bo 60No Rust should be added in a little more.

Al kater geT from Angus Chmical Co. is an oxazoline type surfactant, slightly soluble in water, containing more than 60% oxazoline, mainly used in oily alkyd/polyester, polyurethane, epoxy coatings Adding 0.1% of Alk at-er geT to the iron alkyd red paint can significantly improve its corrosion resistance.

Al brite diethyl aniline phosphonate from Albright & Wilson Company 1 in the United Kingdom can be used in shellac varnish. Adding 0.5% of Al brite diethyl aniline phosphonate to the varnish will form a protective coating on the bare iron. Layer, while delaying the deterioration. It also reacts with iron compounds that are already in the varnish to form new compounds that do not react with tannins.

Var am ideA-7[+1 of She rex Chem.Co., InC. The main component is 21 oleic acid diethanolamide, which is an amber transparent liquid. Both oil and water-based paints can be used.


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