How to improve the abrasion resistance of water-based plastic paint?

2022-01-07   Pageview:351

Water-based plastic paint is a special purpose paint, mainly used in ABS, PE, PP, PVC foam profiles and other hard plastic surface coating and protection, divided into matte, semi-gloss and glossy three, in the use of the process, the varnish color shallow, high transparency, color paint color is bright and rich, at the same time, water-based plastic paint needs to have a wear-resistant, scratch-resistant effect, in order to well protect the performance of plastic and rubber products, it is necessary to add a high scratch-resistant performance of water-based wax emulsion, in order to enhance the surface scratch resistance of water-based plastic paint performance.

Water-based oxide polyethylene wax emulsion as an important auxiliary in water-based wood paint, plastic paint, its main function is to play the following.

1, improve the scratch resistance of the surface coating.

2, Improving the anti-fouling property of the coating.

3, Improving the surface gloss of the coating.

4, Improving the feel of the surface of the coating

5, Improving the abrasion resistance of the surface coating.

Water-based wax emulsion can effectively improve the wear resistance of water-based plastic paint. For different gloss requirements of the system, choose the appropriate particle size, high toughness of the wax additives can make water-based plastic paint in the RCA test reflects good anti-friction, compared to some fillers, wax emulsion on the transparency of the paint film is small, help the film leveling, but also reflects the excellent feel.


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