The role of stannous octanoate T-9

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T-9 is a catalytically active catalyst for gel reaction, mainly to promote the gel reaction, i.e. late reaction.














In addition to linear associative polyurethane thickeners, there are comb-shaped associative polyurethane thickeners. The so-called comb-shaped associative polyurethane thickener means that there is a hydrophobic group hanging in the middle of each thickener molecule. Such thickeners include SCT-200 and SCT-275.

Hydrophobic modified non-polyurethane thickener
This type of hydrophobic group-modified ethoxylated non-polyurethane water-soluble polymer is also a non-ionic associative thickener, and its performance is similar to HEUR.

Hydrophobic ally modified ethoxy-lated amino plast thickener (HEAT) [16J enables special amino resins to connect with 4 capped hydrophobic groups, but the activity of these 4 reaction points is different. In the normal hydrophobe addition, only two capped hydrophobes are connected, so the synthesized hydrophobically modified amino thickener is not much different from HEUR, such as Opt if loH 500, see Figure 19-6. If more hydrophobic groups are added, such as 8%, and the reaction conditions are adjusted, an amino thickener with multiple blocked hydrophobic groups can be produced. Of course, this is also a comb thickener. This hydrophobically modified wax amino thickener can prevent the problem of a decrease in the viscosity of the paint due to the addition of the color paste, which brings a large amount of surfactants and glycol solvents. The reason is that strong hydrophobic groups can prevent desorption, and multiple hydrophobic groups have strong association. Such thickeners are Opt if loT VS.

The performance of the hydrophobically modified polyether thickener (HMP E) is similar to that of HEUR. The products include Hercules’ Aqua flow NLS 200, NLS 210 and NHS 300.
Modified polyurea thickener modifies the structure of polyurea thickener 117.


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