PE Waxes for Color Masterbatch, Masterbatch

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PE Wax for Color Masterbatch, Masterbatch

Grade Dropping Point Viscosity Penetration Physical  Form
(℃) mPa.s@140℃ dmm@25℃
PEW-0320A 105 <50 7 Power
PEW-0360B 110 400 3 Micro Powder
PEW-0300 114 20/40/100 7 Micro Powder
TS5204 105 20-40 6 Power
TS5205 100 30-60 3 Power
TS5240 105 <400 Power
TS5290 106 <900 Power

Performances and features

  1. High molecular weight, high viscosity, narrow melting range, good dispersibility for pigments and inorganic powders, improved gloss of products, prevention of color points, and enhanced pigmentation of pigments.
  2. Excellent wettability to powder, improves fluidity, shortens mixing time and improves processing efficiency.
  3. Good temperature resistance, no smoke, keep the balance of lubrication and dispersion system

Recommended Application

Suitable for filling masterbatch, color masterbatch and rubber&plastic products processing.



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