Application of EL-9070 adhesion promoter

2021-11-19   Pageview:263

Single-component alkyd, amino compound resin system, epoxy two-component baking paint; suitable for glass and steel, aluminum, copper and other metal substrates.














When the melting temperature of polyvinyl butyral is low and the viscosity index is low, the melt viscosity of the powder coating is not significantly improved; when the melting temperature is high and the viscosity index is too high, the powder coating cannot be melted when the powder coating is melted and solidified. To form particles or particles on the coating film, select the melting temperature of polyvinyl butyral to match the baking and curing temperature of the powder coating to obtain good results. The disadvantage of polyvinyl butyral is that it is easy to change color during the baking and curing of powder coatings.
Lubricants (slip agents) and anti-scratch agents migrate to the surface to form a monomolecular layer or migrate to the surface of the coating film to form a protective layer during the process of melting and leveling the powder coating to form a film: reduce the surface tension of the coating film and the surface friction coefficient, It is an auxiliary agent that has a lubricating (sliding) effect and improves its anti-scratch performance.
There are two types of lubricants (slip agents) and anti-scratch agents. One is silicones, including silicone polymers, phenyl and alkyl modified silicones, polyether modified silicones, and polyester modified silicones. Reactive silicone and reactive group-modified silicone, etc., after adding, reduce the surface tension and migrate to the surface of the coating film to form a monomolecular layer, so that the coating film has good flatness, lubrication (slip) and scratch resistance The role of injury.

The other is waxes, including polyethylene wax, polypropylene wax, polytetrafluoroethylene wax, polyamide wax, polytetrafluoroethylene modified polyethylene wax and polyethylene modified amide wax, etc. The relative density is about 1.0. It has poor compatibility with powder coating resins. Some have high hardness, high toughness and easy dispersibility. During the film formation process, they migrate to the surface of the coating film to form a uniformly distributed protective layer, reduce the coefficient of friction of the coating film, and improve the scratch resistance. Wax additives are mainly used in powder coatings.

The relative molecular mass of wax lubricating (slip) and anti-scratch agents is between 1500 and 6000. Except for the relative density of PTFE wax, which is 2.2, the other relative densities are between 0.8 and 1.0, which is conducive to production. Migrate to the surface of the coating film when filming. Micropowder wax has different specifications and particle sizes, and its particle size ranges from a few microns to tens of microns, and coating films with different appearances can be obtained.


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