Introduction of a thickener for paint

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PP-1362 coating thickener developed and produced by chemical industry is a high molecular water-based acrylic thickener. It can provide coating low shear viscosity, good open can effect, with good thickening effect and good fluidity. The product has excellent performance and high cost performance, the next water-based adhesive thickener manufacturers to introduce the product in detail.










        Main index
Component composition: anionic polyacrylic acid alkali-soluble swelling
Appearance: white emulsion
Solid content: 20%
Application scope.
Water-based coatings, also can be used for thickening of various fabric coating adhesives.

 Recommended dosage
The recommended addition amount is 0.2-0.8% of the amount of latex paint. PE wax is a kind of additive for paint also.

Use method
PP-1362 will coagulate when it meets alkali, so the ph value of the system should be adjusted to 8-9 before use, then dilute PP-1362 with water in the ratio of 1:1, add it slowly under stirring, and adjust the paint to the required viscosity.

Product features

1, The emulsion paint system thickened with PP-1362 is loose in sedimentation and easy to stir.

2, It has good thixotropy and good open can effect.

3, It can also be used for thickening of various fabric coating adhesives.

Packing and storage

30kg/barrel, should be sealed, placed in a cool, dry and ventilated place, protected from freezing and direct sunlight.


If it cannot be used up at one time, the cap should be tightened to prevent evaporation.

The above is the detailed introduction of water-based coating thickener PP-1362, if you need samples, welcome to ask for quotation.



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