The Role Of PE Wax In Nylon Modification

2023-09-22   Pageview:150

The role of PE wax in nylon modification, polyolefin wax is used in nylon modification or nylon granulation, while providing excellent external lubrication and metal release properties, and can be used in modified glass fiber Improves fiber exposure.

Nylon, a lightweight material that is often used as a metal substitute, not only helps reduce weight and costs, but also provides better design flexibility to create better components and products. It allows more people around the world to People can buy more attractive products at lower prices and more conveniently.

Development trends of modified nigella:
1. The market demand for high-strength and high-rigidity nylon is increasing, and new reinforcement materials, namely whisker-reinforced and carbon fiber-reinforced nylon, will become important varieties.
2. Synthesis in Nigeria will become the mainstream in the development of modified engineering plastics.
3. The manufacturing technology and application of Narmini will develop rapidly.
4. The number of flame-retardant nylons used in electronics, electrical appliances, and gases is increasing day by day, and environmentally friendly flame-retardant nylons are receiving more and more attention from the market;.
5. Anti-static, conductive nylon and magnetic nylon will become the preferred materials for electronic equipment, mining machinery and textile machinery.
6. The refinement of integrated technology application products is the driving force for the development of its industry.

Adding PTFE wax micropowder to PA wear-resistant modification can increase the wear resistance of the product. PTFE micropowder is often added as a white wear-resistant agent. Added to the formulation of thermoplastics, it acts as a flame retardant and anti-drip, and helps heat higher flame retardant standards.


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