Polyurethane catalyst DY-15

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Polyurethane catalyst DY-15

DY-15: Standard potassium isooctanoate catalyst for spray rigid foam, PIR foam, etc.
















The glass fiber used as the light-weight reinforcing filler in the thick-coated fire-retardant coating should be the original length of about 6mm. In the production process, the components of the fireproof coating and the glass fiber are gradually broken under the action of high-speed stirring and other strong shearing. The glass fiber must have a sufficient length to diameter ratio to ensure sufficient strength. Ensure the enhancement, thickening and thickening effect of the fireproof coating. The glass fiber used as reinforcing filler in decorative amide modified polyethylene wax powder fireproof coatings, cable fireproof coatings and ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coatings should choose the original length of about 1mm, which can improve the strength, flexibility and elasticity of the fireproof coating. And impact strength, and make the coating durable against burning, with ideal fire-proof and heat-insulating effect. It is used as a reinforcing filler in fire-retardant coatings and acts as a framework and flame retardant.

Perlite Perlite, quartz, quartzite, and diatomaceous earth are all naturally occurring silicas. The relative difference lies in particle size, crystallinity and hardness. It is insoluble in water, acid and alkali, does not decompose at high temperature, and the specific surface can be very large. In addition to chemical composition, all synthetic silicas have other properties in common. X-ray analysis shows that the atomic arrangement of perlite is amorphous, soft, porous and light. It is mainly used as a lightweight reinforcing filler in thick-coated fire-retardant coatings to reduce the dry density, shrinkage and cost of fire-retardant coatings, and improve fire protection. The toughness and elasticity of the coating. Application of flame retardant in fireproof coating

The following describes the application examples of flame retardants in intumescent fire retardant coatings

Application examples in intumescent fireproof coatings
The flame retardant selected in the research of intumescent fireproof coatings expands and foams when the coating is exposed to fire, forming a uniform, strong and dense fireproof and thermal insulation layer.

In our research on the influence of the addition of such organic and inorganic composite flame retardants of halogen and phosphorus on the performance of fire retardant coatings, we found that this type of organic and inorganic composite flame retardant additives not only have good flame retardant effects, but also improve The fireproof performance and physical and chemical properties of the fireproof coating also reduce the production cost. According to the experimental results, in the compounding process of organic and inorganic flame retardants, the compound is compounded according to the molar ratio of halogen and phosphorus of 0.45. It is used for decorative fireproof coatings, and its effect is particularly ideal.


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