Applications of BASF PuriSt are R 3-12

2021-11-27   Pageview:322

Puri Star R 3-12 has a high specific surface area and ultra-fine copper oxide grains, providing excellent performance in the removal of arsine, phosphine, Hz S and COS from process and product streams. It is widely used in refineries, chemical plants and in the purification of polymeric grade propylene. Typical applications include the purification of isopropylbenzene, C4 oxide and propylene at the front end of polypropylene plants.

R 3-12 can also be used as a protective bed for precious metal catalysts (e.g. MAP D hydrogenation catalysts) to prevent arsine and sulfur poisoning.












Commonly used leveling agents in powder coatings include acrylate homo (oligo) polymers, acrylate copolymers, silicone modified acrylate polymers and polysiloxanes, among which polyethyl acrylate and polyacrylic acid are commonly used. Butyl ester, poly-2-ethylhexyl acrylate, copolymer of ethyl endenoate and butyl acrylate and silicone modified polyacrylate and other high molecular compounds, it is also useful in acrylate copolymer leveling agent with difference base , Carboxyl group monomer copolymerization compound. This leveling agent, due to the role of the polar reactive group, is conducive to the dispersion of pigments and fillers, is conducive to improving the gloss of the coating film, and acts as a composite additive.

The structural formulas of acrylate polymer and acrylate copolymer montan ester wax ester are as follows:
In order to make the viscous liquid leveling agent convenient for weighing and feeding in the production of powder coatings, it is generally dispersed in epoxy resin, high acid value polyester resin (for polyester epoxy powder coatings), low acid value polymer Ester resin (used for pure polyester powder coatings), fumed silica or some fillers are formulated into solid particles or powder for use. Usually called 503 leveling agent dispersed in molten epoxy resin, called 504 leveling agent dispersed in molten high acid value polyester resin, and called 505 leveling agent dispersed in molten low acid value polyester resin. 503 leveling agent can be used in pure epoxy and polyester epoxy powder coatings, 504 leveling agent can be used in polyester epoxy powder coatings, and 505 leveling agent can be used in pure polyester powder coatings.


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