Parameters of antibacterial and anti-mildew agent SP

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Active ingredient content (%) ≥98.0%
Morphology: white to light yellow powder
Carton packing, 25kg/ctn, also can be packed by customers.
Avoid freezing environment, store in a cool, dry place, protected from light and airtight at room temperature.
Shelf life: 12 months.













Humidity also has a significant impact on the drying rate. The climate in the north of my country is dry, and the drying rate of coatings is faster than that of areas with high humidity in the south. Especially in the yellow plum season in the south, the drying speed of the paint film is significantly slowed down by the influence of humidity. Artificial or natural light and circulating air are conducive to the drying of the paint film, so the drier should be finalized under the construction conditions. The film-forming conditions have different effects on different alkyd resins and driers.

Medium-oil white alkyd enamel was used as the test material. Co(0.06)/Pb(0.5)/Ca(0.03) and Co(0.04)/Zr(0.16) were used as the drier, and the time for dust removal and total drying was measured. carnauba wax on apples The humidity is 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%, and the temperature is 7.22℃, 15.56℃, 23.89℃, 32.22℃.

During the drying process of the coating film, there are various reactions such as solvent volatilization, oxidation, polymerization, etc. Therefore, when the temperature increases, the time for surface drying and total drying is significantly shortened. From Table 6-18, the temperature is relatively The effect is greater, but at high humidity (RH-90%), the increase in temperature will slow down the dryness. Temperature and humidity have a comprehensive effect on the dryness of the coating. At low temperature (7.22℃) and low humidity (RH Under the film-forming conditions of -30%), the total drying time must be more than 13h.


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