The Role Of Wax Emulsion In Water-based Wood Lacquer

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The role of wax emulsion in water-based wood paint, water-based wood paint wax emulsion is a high-density polyethylene wax emulsion used in water-based wood paint, also suitable for water-based furniture paint, water-based toy paint, Outdoor wood paint industry, with wear-resistant, waterproof, hand-feeling, scratch-resistant, anti-adhesion effects.

wax dispertions

What is the effect of adding wax emulsion to water-based wood paint?
1. Improve the scratch resistance of the surface coating;
2. Improve the wear resistance of the surface coating;
3. Improve the antifouling performance of the coating;
4. Improve the feel of the coating surface;
5. Improve the surface gloss of the coating;

Why are there brush marks on the surface of water-based wood lacquer? How to fix it?
1. The water-based wood paint is not diluted enough, and the viscosity of the paint is too high.
2. The tool brush used for painting is too hard and the brush is too short.
3. Repeated brushing or re-brushing too many times.
4. Repaint when the paint film dries quickly.
5. Improper construction methods.

TIANSHI water-based wood paint wax emulsion provides professional solutions:
1. Be sure to use a fine hair brush for painting.
2. Do not repeatedly brush or lightly brush.
3. Do not repaint when the paint film dries quickly.
4. During construction, care must be taken to brush lightly up and down to make the coating even.
Water-based wood lacquer is divided into high-gloss system, matte system and semi-matte system. The types of wax emulsions used in different systems are different.

TIANSHI Wax Powder Suggestion: During the construction process, wood lacquer should be painted with a soft brush. It should not fall off, be soft, and have strong water absorption. Wash, shake off water before use. It must be noted that before the brush is dipped in paint, it must be wetted with water in advance, but there must be no dripping water, otherwise the paint brush will be quickly cured and scrapped, or the paint in the paint brush will become dry and slag, which will affect the coating effect.


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