Polyethylene wax in the printing ink

2021-06-03   Pageview:805

The printing industry proposes new requirements for printing inks, such as medical printing, cigarette packs, wine boxes etc., which puts higher requirements in terms of friction resistance. In order to meet the needs of users, it is necessary to improve the friction resistance of the ink.

Polyethylene wax properties are stable, smooth, good wear resistance, high hardness. Different addition methods can give different gloss changes in the system. Therefore, as a dispersant, anti-wear agent, brightener, matting agent, sleeper, etc., have a wide range of applications in inks, coating and other industries.

Polyethylene wax additive in the ink:

1, Disperse in an organic solution is made into a wax slurry, and is applied in a solvent system.

2, The dispersion is made into a wax dispersion or wax milk in the water system, and is applied in aqueous system.

3, Fabricated fine powder of a suitable particle size, directly added to the ink. Due to environmental protection requirements, the aqueous ink has developed well. As an important auxiliaries for aqueous inks, the performance requirements of wax emulsion are also increasing.

After the wax emulsion is added to the ink, the wax drifts to a uniform dispersion of the surface of the coating during film formation, so that the uppermost layer of the coating film has a wax protection. Due to its role of the friction coefficient, the slip resistance, wear resistance, and scratch resistance of the coating.


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