Product features of FTC acid catalyst B-CAT 3025

2021-11-29   Pageview:334

1, Strong acid type catalyst, low temperature catalyst, good stability.
2, It can improve the crosslink density, increase the hardness and gloss of the paint film.
3, Improve the corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, solvent resistance and mechanical properties of paint film.
4, It can reduce the production cost, improve the efficiency of coating production, and have good storage stability.














The matting curing agent is a special kind of matting agent. During the film forming process of powder coatings, it participates in the chemical crosslinking reaction as a part of the curing agent. By adjusting the amount of resin and matting curing agent, the gloss of the coating film is easy to control and the gloss of the coating film is stable. Good performance, wide control range of gloss, wider application range than non-reactive matting agent·

At present, there are many varieties of matting curing agents commonly used, including XG603-1A, XG603-2A, XG603-5A, XG633, XG628, XG655 from Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd., and SA186, SA187, Super from Lu’an Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. matt 88, SA 2068, SA 2069, MCA, Y 208, Y 218 of Wuhan Yanhuang Chemical Co., Ltd., AG 500 matting resin of Guangzhou South Resin Co., Ltd., and the brands produced by many manufacturers are A68, B68, H68, M68, N68 , W68 matting curing agent. Among these matting curing agents, XG628, XG655, SA2068, SA2069, Y208Y218 and AG500 are matting curing agents suitable for weather-resistant polyester powder coatings. The following specifically introduces the characteristics of the main varieties.

XG603-1A is a commonly used matting curing agent in epoxy and polyester epoxy powder coatings, with a melting point of 222~227°C, solid content ≥98.5%, white powder, and the amount used in epoxy powder coatings is 9.5% of the quality of epoxy resin ~10.5%, curing conditions are 180℃/20~25min, 190℃/10~15min, 200℃/10~12min. The chemical structure of this type of matting agent is as follows:

There is still a difference in the matting effect between the matting curing agents made of polycarboxylic acid and polycarboxylic acid anhydride, and the quality of the raw materials also has a significant impact on the matting effect. The epoxy powder coating formulated with this matting curing agent has good coating film flatness. When the amount of matting curing agent is matched, the coating film has better mechanical properties such as impact strength. This matting curing agent is similar to the B 68 matting curing agent produced by HuLS in Germany and the matting curing agent A68, H68, L68, M68, N68 and W68 produced by many domestic manufacturers. This kind of matting curing agent in epoxy powder coatings can only obtain a matte coating film with a gloss (60°) of less than 10%, but when matched with polyester resins with different acid values, the gloss of the coating film can be obtained ( 60) 10%~70% polyester epoxy matting powder coating. This matting polyester epoxy powder coating has good coating film appearance and leveling properties, good mechanical properties such as impact resistance, and the gloss of the coating film can be easily controlled by adjusting the mass ratio between the polyester resin and the epoxy resin.


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