3 features of adhesion promoter HY-2063

2021-11-30   Pageview:144

1, HY-2063 improves the adhesion of paint film to various hard-to-adhere metals such as aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and plating surface.

2, HY-2063 increases the ductility and impact resistance of the paint film.

3, HY-2063 will not change color when baked at high temperature.













If the color of the uneven part of the coating film is different, a colorful pattern can be obtained. If the amount of pattern (floating) agent is adjusted, the size of the pattern will also change. Generally, with the increase of the amount of pattern (floating) agent, the three-dimensional effect of the pattern of the coating film will decrease, the flatness of the coating film will become better, and the pattern will also become smaller. . In addition, the molten horizontal fluidity of the foundation powder will also affect the size of the pattern.

Commonly used pattern (floating) agents are surfactants such as acrylate homopolymers wax or copolymers, which are generally dispersed with epoxy resin or polyester resin, etc., and the content of active ingredients is less than that of leveling agents. In order to make the pattern (floating flower) agent and the powder coating uniformly dispersed when dry mixed, the fineness of the pattern (floating flower) agent is required to reach about 140 meshes. If it is too thick, the high-voltage electrostatic effect of the pattern (floating flower) agent is not good. , Will affect the pattern texture of the coating film. The technical indicators of the pattern (floating flower) agent BBM and BBW K produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. are shown in Table 25-9. The dosage of this pattern (floating flower) agent in the formula is 1%~2 of the total base powder %, the floating pigment is determined according to the requirements of the pattern color and the color of the base powder. In addition, Guangzhou Tianlong Chemical Co., Ltd.’s pattern (floating) agent AS5B. The dosage is 0.05%~0.2% of the total base powder: Hangzhou The special effect TF floating flower (pattern) agent ZS503 of Zhongshun Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., the dosage is 0.5%~0.8% of the total base powder; the pattern (floating flower) agent II OT 861 of Hubei Hongtu Chemical Products Co., Ltd., the general dosage 0.1%~0.8% of the total base powder; the pattern agent TEX-51 of Guangzhou Shengmu Chemical Co., Ltd., the dosage is 0.2%~-1% of the total formula. , And then dry mixed with aluminum powder, copper and gold powder after making powder coating to make Guanshu pattern powder coating.

Pay attention to the following matters when producing and using patterned powder coatings:
① Pay attention to prevent mixing of non-textured leveling powder coatings during production, which will affect the pattern effect of the coating film.
②The mixing method of base powder, pattern (floating flower) agent and pigment. The mixing speed and time have a significant effect on the pattern (including color) of the coating film. The same process conditions can be controlled for each batch to ensure a relatively similar coating film. Exterior.
③The thickness of the coating film has an effect on the size of the pattern. The thickness of the small pattern can be sprayed thinly, and the large pattern should be sprayed as thick as possible, otherwise it will easily expose the bottom of the coating and affect the pattern effect.


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