Application of HY-8200 adhesion promoter

2021-11-30   Pageview:291

Adhesion promoter can be used for Alkyd amido baking paint, alkyd amido baking paint, polyester amido baking paint, two-component polyurethane coatings, etc., not suitable for self-drying systems.













The texture of art-type textured powder coatings is affected by the following conditions: first, the type of texturing agent that plays a decisive role; secondly, the amount of texturing agent, which also plays an important role; secondly, the type and amount of fillers, especially functional fillers , For example, organic bentonite has a more obvious effect on sand grain powder; there are other additives, such as the amount of leveling agent, which has a great influence on the coating texture of wrinkles, patterns and hammers. The following specifically introduces the auxiliaries such as wrinkle (orange pattern) agent, sand pattern agent, cotton pattern (net pattern) agent, pattern (floating pattern) agent, hammer pattern agent and dot pattern (pattern diffusion) agent.

The wrinkle (orange line) agent is an auxiliary agent that changes the surface tension of the molten coating film when the powder coating is melted, leveled and solidified to make the surface tension uneven, and the coating film shrinks to produce wrinkles or orange lines. The function of the wrinkle (orange) agent is that when the powder coating is baked and cured, the surface tension of the melt-leveling coating film is very large, while the surface tension of the wrinkle (orange) agent is relatively small. The compatibility is not good. The smaller ptfe powder particle surface tension cannot completely reduce the surface tension of the larger surface tension. Two different surface tension substances coexist, causing uneven wrinkles or orange lines in the coating film.

There are many types of wrinkle (orange lines) agents, and their principle of action is also different. From the appearance of the film, the wrinkle textures produced by different specifications of wrinkle agents are also quite different. Some wrinkle textures are large, some wrinkle textures are small, some are deep and have a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and some are shallow, and the difference between each other is also large. Intuitively, some coatings look like wrinkles and some look like orange lines, and the gloss of the coatings is also quite different.
In powder coating formulations, in addition to the variety and dosage of wrinkle (orange lines) agent, the variety and dosage of accelerators, and the amount of leveling agent have a greater impact on the appearance of film wrinkles (orange lines), Factors such as the mixing and dispersion effect of the melt-extrusion mixing equipment also have a certain influence on the appearance of the coating film.


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