HY-8200 Adhesion promoter performance

2021-11-30   Pageview:318

1, HY-8200 improves the adhesion of paint films to various difficult-to-adhere metals such as aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and plating surfaces.
2, HY-8200 increases the ductility and impact resistance of the paint film.
3, HY-8200 does not change color when baked at high temperature.












YH218 matting curing agent and YH208 matting curing agent are the same series of products. The cured coating film has excellent weather resistance, but the matting performance is redesigned. Its technical indicators are basically in the same range as YH208 matting curing agent, but the gloss of the powder coating film prepared with it belongs to the semi-gloss range. In the case of the total matting curing dose unchanged, YH218 matting curing agent and YH208 matting The curing agents can replace each other. When the amount of YH218 matting curing agent increases, the gloss of the coating film increases, and when the amount of YH208 matting curing agent decreases, the gloss of the coating film decreases.

13.AG500 matting curing agent
AG500 matting curing agent is a product of Southern Resin Company, similar to YH208 and XG665 matting curing agent, it contains glycidyl acrylic resin type matting curing agent, epoxy equivalent 500~570, viscosity (165℃) 40.0~60.0Pa·s , The glass transition temperature is 65°C, the polyester resin’AG500=75+25 in the formula, and the curing condition is 200°C/10min, can obtain a weather-resistant matte powder coating with a smooth appearance and good mechanical strength.

Among powder coatings, fine art powder coatings are also an important variety of coatings. Fine art powder coatings include wrinkle (orange pattern), sand pattern, cotton pattern (net pattern), pattern and hammer pattern. The appearance of this powder coating is different from that of the usual powder coatings with the appearance of a smooth coating film. Generally, there is no need to add additives such as leveling agents (even if they need to be added, the amount of addition is small), but according to the requirements of the appearance of the coating film. Texture agents such as wrinkle (orange) agent, sand texture agent, cotton texture (reticulum) agent, pattern (floating flower) agent and hammer texture agent. In the manufacturing process of fine art powder coatings, the adding process of texturing agent varies with the types of coatings.

Some varieties are manufactured by special processes. For example, some pattern powder coatings are based on the first preparation of base powder, and the pattern is added by dry mixing. (Floating flower) agent is used to make finished powder coatings; if some hammer pattern powder coatings are used, the base powder is first made, and then the hammer pattern agent is added for dry mixing to make finished powder coatings. Most art-type powder coatings add texturing agents during the pre-mixing process of raw materials (ie internal addition), and disperse texturing agents by melt-extrusion mixing method; a small number of powder coatings without texturing agents (ie base powder) are manufactured first , And then add texturing agent to the base powder, and disperse the texturing agent by the method of mixing with a mixer (that is, the external method).


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