Process coating properties of powder coating catalyst b1530

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Both ε-caprolactam enclosed adducts give excellent mechanical properties for high gloss coatings. The polyfunctional VESTAGON B 1530 is better than the bifunctional VESTAGON B 1065 in terms of some special properties and weathering stability and chemical properties.
















Barium metaborate was developed as a bactericide for oil-based resin paint, and it was later discovered that it has corrosion inhibitory properties. Compared with the same alkyd paint containing zinc chromate or strontium chromate, the alkyd paint using silicon-modified barium metaborate pigment shows equal or slightly better corrosion inhibition performance in the salt spray or outdoor exposure rack test . The modified barium metaborate Busan 11-M-1 developed by Buckman Laboratories, USA, when used in acrylic latex primer, can improve anti-flash and early anti-rust effects. Barium metaborate improves galvanizing The adhesion properties of the coatings on the steel plate are no exceptions for alkyd, epoxy and acrylic emulsion coatings. It is believed that barium ions can form barium soaps with existing fatty acids, but there is no such thing as zinc wax emulsion market at the interface between the paint and the substrate. Reactive fatty acids. Barium soaps are evenly distributed in the paint, so that the adhesion will not be affected.

Unlike other heavy metals, molybdate is non-toxic and is used as a corrosion inhibitor in water treatment agents, metal working fluids and engine coolants. In 1972, in addition to the use of calcium molybdate in water-based paint, Xuanwei Company of the United States also used zinc acicular acid as a pigment for solvent-based paints.
Molybdate pigments passivate iron and steel, which is due to the formation of molybdate high iron protective film. The presence of this inert coating prevents the corrosion of the metal substrate. The solubility of these pigments is low but controllable and can maintain long-term protection. Alkaline zinc molybdate and alkaline zinc calcium molybdate are used as non-toxic corrosion inhibitor pigments to replace toxic lead, chromium and other corrosion inhibitor pigments in many fields. Corrosion inhibitors made of molybdate and phosphomolybdate compound are widely used in industrial water treatment, pigments, coatings, lubricating oil, and anti-rust of concrete steel bars. The replacement of toxic chromate corrosion inhibitors with molybdate corrosion inhibitors has become the current development trend.


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