Single-component waterproof coating catalyst DMDEE uses

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Single component waterproof coating catalyst DMDEE is an amine catalyst suitable for water curing systems.

Single-component waterproof coating catalyst DMDEE is a strong foaming catalyst that allows for a long storage period for NCO-containing components due to the site blocking effect of the amine. It is mainly used for one-component rigid polyurethane foam systems, but also for polyether-type and polyester-type polyurethane flexible foam, semi-rigid foam, CASE materials, etc.












Since non-intumescent fire retardant coatings are generally thicker than intumescent fire retardant coatings, they have a large amount per unit area, high cost of use, poor decorative effects, and their fire and heat insulation effects are not as good as intumescent fire retardant coatings, so now decorative fire retardants The research on coatings, cable fire-retardant coatings and ultra-thin steel structure fire-retardant coatings generally follow the “expandable” technical approach.

Classified by scope of use; micronized wax what is
①Decorative fire-retardant coatings Decorative fire-retardant coatings are mainly used on the flammable substrates of buildings to reduce the flame propagation speed of the substrates and prevent the rapid spread of fire. At the same time, it has a certain decorative effect.
②Steel structure fire-retardant coatings Steel structure fire-retardant coatings are mainly used to coat steel materials, which can effectively protect steel components from fire and heat insulation, and improve their fire resistance.
③Cable fire-resistant coating Cable fire-resistant coating is mainly used to apply to the surface of the cable. When it is exposed to fire, it can expand to produce a foam protective layer of 20~30mm to isolate the fire source, so that the cable can remain intact for a certain period of time when exposed to fire, and prevent The flame spreads along the cable.
④Prestressed concrete floor fireproof coatings Prestressed concrete floor fireproof coatings are mainly used on prestressed reinforced concrete components, which protect the prestressed reinforced concrete components from fire and heat insulation, so as to improve their fire resistance limit.


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