Definition of gravure ink and ink formulation

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Gravure ink, also known as gravure ink, is a general term for various gravure inks used in various gravure printing methods. A type of ink suitable for gravure printing. When printing, the pattern part concave in the layout is inked, and the non-pattern part of the ink is wiped off or scraped, and then printed. There are engraving gravure inks and photogravure inks.

Classification of gravure inks
1. Divide gravure ink according to the way of plate making
(1) gravure ink;
(2) Engraving gravure ink.

2. According to ink characteristics
(1) Water-based gravure ink;
(2) Alcohol gravure ink;
(3) Benzene gravure ink;
(4) Gasoline gravure ink;
(5) Gravure plastic film ink (phenyl alcohol type);
(6) Gravure composite plastic (cold composite, hot composite) ink;
(7) Paper gravure ink and film gravure ink.

3. According to the printing press molecules
(1) Platform gravure ink;
(2) Rotogravure ink.

Solvents commonly used in pigment yellow 151 gravure ink

1. Alcohol solvents: ethanol (alcohol), isopropanol, n-butanol;
2. Ester solvents: ethyl acetate, butyl acetate;
3. Benzene solvents: toluene, xylene;
4. Ketone solvents: cyclohexanone, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (butanone).

Basic formula of pigment yellow 151 gravure ink (%)
Resin 35-40
Pigment Yellow 151 8-16
Filler 2-5
Solvent A 30-35
Solvent B 15-20
Ink auxiliaries(such as ser wax italy) 10-20
Total 100


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