Application Of Wax Emulsion In High Gloss Water-based Ink

2022-11-07   Pageview:287

The application of wax emulsion in high-gloss water-based ink, the gloss of the water-based ink directly affects the appearance of the printed product, especially the high-gloss ink, how to effectively improve the gloss of the water-based ink without affecting the At present, the most effective way to improve the performance of the product is to add water-based wax emulsion. In the water-based ink system, the wax emulsion can be effectively combined with the resin emulsion without changing the resin system and compatibility, giving the water-based ink different gloss, feel, etc.


wax dispertions

In the water-based ink system, the type of wax emulsion used is different according to the gloss. Carnauba wax emulsion, when added to the water-based ink system, can give the water-based ink paint film a natural, translucent gloss, with excellent hand feeling and abrasion resistance. Polyethylene wax emulsion and wax emulsion, when connected into water-based ink system, can give the water-based ink paint film high gloss and plump feeling, and achieve the effects of high temperature resistance, anti-blocking and high wear resistance.

What properties does wax emulsion use in water-based inks to impart to inks?
1. How to improve the gloss of water-based ink.
2. Improve the surface properties of water-based coatings and inks after film formation.
3. When used in coatings, it can improve the water resistance, heat resistance and anti-stickiness of the paint film, scratch resistance, and increase the smoothness of the paint film.
4. High resistance to abrasion and scratches, and high extinction effect.

To sum up, after TIANSHI wax emulsion is added to the water-based ink, the wax emulsion forms a film in the water-based system. During the process, it drifts to the surface of the coating film, forming a wax protective layer on the coating film, reducing the coefficient of friction. ; Improve the wear resistance and smoothness of the coating; also change the direction of the force of the coating to improve the scratch resistance of the coating.


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