Features of silicon dioxide matting agent

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Features of silicon dioxide matting agent
1, Easy to disperse
2, Good matting performance
3, High chemical purity













Another uniquely important alkyl aryl sulfonate is alkyl diphenyl ether disulfonate (Dowfax 2A 1). As an emulsifier, it has a higher efficiency of stability in emulsion polymerization. The surfactant passes Add alpha paraffin to the diphenyl ether, and then use SO; produced by sulfonation. However, this raw material is significantly more expensive than simple sulfonates.

Such products, such as the Dispo nilS US series, have different CMC due to the difference in ester length. Short-chain CMC is high. Hexyl and cyclohexyl diesters are commonly used emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization, especially when large particle sizes are required.

The status of succinic sulfonic acid diester in the formulation of emulsion synthesis in the United States is the most important. They are rarely used as the main emulsifiers, but only to control auxiliary properties, such as the production of acrylic emulsions with high solid content and low viscosity, branched di-2-ethylhexyl succinate
Sodium sulfate, such as Dispo nilS USIC 875, wax with ptfe is widely used because in addition to good emulsifying properties, it also has excellent wetting properties.

Alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ethers are widely used as co-surfactants because of their economic efficiency and good stability to different emulsions. They can also be used as intermediates to synthesize anionic alkylphenol sulfates, such as Dispo nil AES series. The sulfonation process of chlor-alkali acid or SO, to prepare a group with ether sulfate at the end will inevitably produce a certain amount of side sulfonation reaction on the phenyl group, but sulfamic acid can be produced without side sulfonation reaction The alkyl phenol ether sulfate ammonium salt. Due to concerns about the residue of alkylphenols when such surfactants are released into the environment, many formulations have been redesigned with fatty alcohol ethers and ether sulfates (such as Dispo nil FES series).


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