Physical index of Butyl(oxo)stannanol 2273-43-0 catalyst

2021-12-05   Pageview:284

CAS number: 2273-43-0
EINECS: 218-880-1
Molecular formula: C4H10O2Sn
Molecular weight: 208.831
Density: 1.46 g/cm3
boiling point: 350 °C
Properties: white powder
Solubility: insoluble











Therefore, when we select the resin and curing agent of the formula, we can only consider and meet the main factors first, and then consider the pigments/fillers and diluents. Then according to these main formulas, according to the process and the required functions and effects, select the appropriate additives, according to the best addition amount and addition process, while considering technical and economic efficiency, stability, operability, synergy or conflict Function (whether it is with other coating components or additives). After optimizing the application of the above four components, we can obtain the best formula to meet the application requirements of the formula.

The third section of the application of additives in the production and preparation of coatings
Usually at the initial stage of a new formula, we will think of using additives for improving the quality and performance of the original formula, coordinating storage/coating/baking conditions, extending the application field, reducing costs, or solving various coating and coating problems. In the process of paint production, storage or painting, the full utilization of paint performance and economical application requires timely addition of additives and reasonable application of additives, so we first add the process and function of solvent-based paint additives Listed in Table 27-1.

Adding process, function and description of solvent-based coating additives
Coating production preparation process
Add additives
Role and description
Resin esterification synthesis, polyurethane resin synthesis
Improve the reaction rate and degree of resin synthesis and shorten the reaction time
Paint grinding component production (color paint, primer)
Wetting and dispersing agent, defoaming agent, anti-settling, thixotropic agent, functional powdery auxiliary
The main function of the wetting and dispersing agent is to reduce the viscosity, improve the production efficiency of the grinding component, shorten the dispersion and grinding time, and play a decisive role in the subsequent color development of the paint, anti-floating color, prevention of flocculation and storage stability.


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