3 features of PTFE-modified micronized wax 3196

2021-12-08   Pageview:541

3196 is PTFE-modified wax for solvent-borne wood coatings and industrial baking paints, polyester baking paints.

1, Ultra-fine micronized PTFE modified wax, providing excellent scratch resistance and excellent handfeel.
2, Small particle size, good dispersion, good anti-caking property
3, It can significantly reduce the phenomenon of ink pile up in offset printing process or paint pile up in brush coating.














With the increasing awareness of environmental protection regulations, ecological protection, public health and foreign trade regulations, as a paint formulator, in addition to the design of new paint formulations, it is also necessary to re-select the additives in the original formulation for cost reduction. At the same time, following these trends and requirements, the screening and adjustment of qualified additives and formulas are required. The workload and responsibility are not light. However, as a paint formulator, in addition to relying on his own understanding and research, he can actually communicate with paint additives manufacturers in accordance with the principles of professional division of labor and establishing customer relationships, and follow industry development and regulatory trends, testing and qualification assistance. The requirements and needs of the agent, maintain two-way interaction and mutual benefit, and believe that it can create greater win-win and multi-win.

Application of additives in latex paint formulations
The history of paint production in China can be traced back to ancient times. It has accumulated rich experience in the production of paints from the use of natural oils to solvent-based polymers. For a long time, the standards for the preparation of coatings have been based on the high resistance of the coating film. The auxiliary raw materials not related to the coating film are required to discharge the paint film as much as possible. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in recent years, it is required that the substances discharged from the paint film should not affect the environment, which has led to the development of coatings that replace solvents with water. Latex paint is a branch of water-based paint. It is precisely because this is a historical process that latex paint formulators are often influenced by the design theory of solvent-based coatings, while ignoring the particularity of water-based coatings. This chapter introduces the application of additives in latex paint formulations.


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