Wax emulsions for paper industry

2021-06-07   Pageview:301

The adhesive can laminate polypropylene or polyester film with paper printing, with excellent bonding performance, good anti-young performance, high brightness, easy production process, low environmental pollution and low cost.

Applications of wax emulsions for paper industry:
Paper-plastic composite adhesive.
Paper adhesive.
Cold seal adhesive (sealer).

Featurers of wax emulsions for paper industry:
1, Strong viscosity temperature property (high and low temperature resistance).
2, Improved adhesion.
3, Improves initial adhesion.
4, Extended open time.

Water-based wax emulsion improves the adhesion of water-based adhesives. Water-based adhesive belongs to the modified polyethylene wax emulsion, as the raw material of paper-plastic composite adhesive, with high and low temperature resistance, improve the initial adhesion, water resistance and other properties.


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