Powder mold inhibitor BJ-759

2021-10-29   Pageview:270

Powder mold inhibitor BJ-759 is configured by our proprietary technology, is a new generation of paints, coatings, diatomaceous earth putty and other powder products in the dry film mold inhibitor, its performance is better than other dry film mold inhibitor currently in use, its multiple active ingredients can act synergistically.













There is also an opposite form, that is, as the shearing time increases, the viscosity also increases. This phenomenon is called vibration coagulation, as shown in Figure 56. However, this form, like the shear montan ester wax sds thickening form, is rare.
Most liquids can be described by one of the above-mentioned forms. However, some heterogeneous systems show more complex forms, that is, they have both pseudoplasticity and dilatancy in a curve.

Liquid is on the one hand, and solid is on the other. From a rheological point of view, these are two extremes. The characteristic of liquid is its above-mentioned viscosity, and the characteristic of solid is its elasticity. When an external force is applied to the solid body, it cannot cause deformation, so the stored energy is released again from small or large ground. The energy between the liquids will gradually disappear, and the energy on the solid body may be stored in various transfer states. This is called viscoelasticity. This characteristic is described as a system composed of springs and viscous pots. These systems are based on changes in the frequency of the numerical distribution curve to describe the obtained conclusions.


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