BYK- Properties and Applications of Ceraflour 996 Wax Powder

2021-12-08   Pageview:424

Ceraflour 996 is used in various coatings and solvent-based printing inks, such as
Wood coatings
Web offset inks
Sheetfed inks
Coil coatings
Powdered uncoatings

Ceraflour 996 improves the performance of
Scratch resistance
Water repellency
Abrasion resistance
Resistance to metal traces
Gloss reduction














Let’s continue this case. When applying the above formula to automotive PP plastic parts, sometimes a gasoline-alcohol resistance test is performed (9 parts gasoline with 1 part alcohol, and the sample plate coated with the baking curing film is soaked for a period of time , Take it out and air dry before proceeding to the adhesion test). As a result, peeling occurs during the soaking process, and the adhesion cannot pass the barrier. At this time, the paint manufacturer’s engineers may begin to rush to find resins with excellent gasoline and alcohol resistance to overcome them. However, the crux of the problem lies in the PP adhesion promoter. HM-21P can be solved by replacing the aforementioned PP adhesion promoter. This is because different additives have different characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. As long as they are fully understood, selected correctly and operated appropriately, the problem can be solved.

There are many factors to be considered in the coating formulation, and the additives used in solvent-based coatings are even more uncountable. In addition, the interaction between these additives and the interaction of the additives with other components of the coating (resin, thinner, pigments and fillers) Complexity, it is difficult for us to sort out a formula or law theoretically. Therefore, it is hoped that through the discussion of various additives in this book and the content of this chapter, it can play a guiding role in simplifying the complexity. This is not only conducive to the micro-judgment when selecting the types of individual additives, but also enables the paint formulator to have a holistic view of the additives from the production process, coating, curing and film formation and overcoming defects at the beginning of the formulation design. It will be more conducive to the application of coating additives, to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses, and get twice the result with half the effort. The use of trace amounts of coating additives fully demonstrates the role of small players.


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