How to use 9140 water-based waterproof wax emulsion

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Usually added directly into the different systems and stirred, the amount of wax emulsion is generally between 10-20%.

The shelf life of the original package is 6 months at room temperature. Once the container is opened, it is recommended to use it up within a short period of time.

When mixing with other substances, please try its adaptability first, and its PH value should be considered. It is generally recommended to add wax emulsion at the end of the mixing process.













All this shows that the promotion and application of a new material and new process is not so simple and smooth, and requires arduous and long-term efforts.

The powder coating and coating industry in my country started relatively late. Initially, it started with insulating powder coatings. In 1965, the Guangzhou Electrical Apparatus Research Institute developed epoxy absolute powder coatings: a pilot test with an annual output of 10t was completed in Changzhou Insulation Material Factory. In the workshop, in 1968, Shanghai Radio No. 24 Factory developed polyethylene powder coating and successfully used it on communication equipment. In 1976, the Paint Research Institute of the Ministry of Original Chemical Industry developed epoxy powder coating for electrostatic spraying. Decorative coating for movie cameras: In 1979, an anti-corrosion epoxy powder coating wax was developed and applied to the coating of auto parts: The first domestic electrostatic spray coating with an annual output of 300t was built in Chengdu Electric Appliance Factory by using the technology developed by this institute. Continuous production line with powder coatings.

After the reform and opening up, some production and scientific research units in my country adopted the policy of combining introduction and independent development during the 10-year period from 1983 to 1995, which promoted the development of the powder coating and coating industry in China. There have been considerable developments in terms of production volume, equipment for manufacturing powder coatings, and powder coating equipment. In 1985, Wuxi Paint Factory introduced an annual output of 3001 powder coating production line from Innet Mander Company: In 1986, Hangzhou Sino-French Chemical Co., Ltd. introduced an annual output of 600t powder coating production line and an annual output of 15001 polyester resin production line, and developed my country’s powder coating production technology And the product quality has been raised to a new level, shortening the distance from the advanced industrial countries in the world. At that time, the main products were epoxy and epoxy polyester powder coatings, which were used in electric fans, washing machines, refrigerators and other household appliances.

During this period, weather-resistant polyester and polyester powder coatings and various texture and fine art powder coating technologies were also developed and introduced. Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Pearl River Dijiao Region introduced a large number of household appliances production technologies. And the establishment of household appliances manufacturers has promoted the powder coating industry in the region, and the development of powder coatings in my country has moved from the Yangtze River Dijiaozhou to the Zhujiang Dijiaozhou, becoming the most concentrated area of ​​powder coating manufacturers in the country. Most household appliances use powder For paint coating, in terms of powder coating manufacturing equipment, it can manufacture twin-screw extruders and single-screw Ni-type extruders of different specifications, as well as key equipment such as air classifying mills (namely ACM mills) for fine pulverization, which basically meets the requirements It meets the needs of general powder coating manufacturers at the time. The technical level of powder coating equipment has also been significantly improved. The powder wood coating line in a large center has also begun to use domestic coating equipment. my country has become one of the countries with the fastest growth rate in powder coating production in the world -.1996 The annual output of powder wood coatings reaches 54,000 tons, of which 58001 thermoplastic powder coatings. my country has entered the ranks of the world’s largest powder coating production countries.


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