What are coating additives?

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Coating additives are those ingredients that are added in small quantities to a coating formulation to control or enhance the performance of the coating.

In total, there are about 40 different functional types of coating additives (emulsifiers, dispersants, defoamers, thickeners, anti-cratering agents, drying accelerators, biocides, etc.), as well as additives composed of different chemical components.

Usually the formulation of a coating will contain a variety of additives, and in general the total amount of additives used is less than 5% of the total formulation, but in some cases it may be as high as 10% or more. Due to the relatively high value of additives, the formulation will be designed to reduce the amount of additives as much as possible.















Application of additives in color paste
In recent years, we have observed a new trend in the world’s coatings industry, which is to gradually abandon the paint making process of directly mixing and grinding pigments and adopting the new process of color paste toning. Grinding pigment slurry is a time-consuming and cost-increasing processing link, so it is necessary to prepare large batches of monochromatic pigment slurry, which can be applied to the color mixing requirements of various volatile paints, as shown in Figure 26-1. The following will introduce the knowledge of the preparation of color pastes, the application of additives in color pastes and the solutions to typical problems encountered in toning.

Traditional paint making process: when changing resin and color, start production wax emulsion composition from the first step; mixing and grinding different pigments; complicated production process and too many storage varieties; easy to appear color difference, orange peel, precipitation, dullness and gloss Phenomenon such as drop, the remaining resin part of the pigment, the remaining solvent part of the resin, the solvent auxiliary agent, pre-mixing one~dispersing the paint, storing the pigment
Color paste toning process;
Mass production of white base paint;
Color matching can be controlled by computer; can effectively control compatibility and viscosity; reduce color matching cost
Solvent/co-solvent, resin additive color paste
Disperse base paint toning and storage
Simplify paint preparation process by using color paste
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