Applications of BYK-361N for coatings

2021-12-11   Pageview:776

Polyacrylate surface additive BYK-361N leveling agent for medium solvent-borne and solvent-free coating systems, printing inks, and powder coatings. BYK-361N leveling agent with no haze in clear coats and no haze in color coats.

BYK-361N leveling agent can be added at any stage of the production process or afterwards. The solvent-free additive BYK-361N can also be used as a masterbatch additive in powder coatings.

Applications: anti-corrosion and marine coatings, industrial coatings, can coatings, coil coatings, wood and furniture coatings, powder coatings, room-temperature curing systems, printing inks.













After the world’s first oil crisis in 1973 and during the world’s second oil crisis in 1979, people paid attention to the research and development of powder coatings and coating technology from the perspective of energy conservation and effective use of limited resources, so they focused on wax for powder coatings. Significant progress has been made in the use of resins and powders to paint color varieties and film performance, powder coating technology and equipment. In terms of powder coating varieties, there have been decorative epoxy polyester powder coatings for indoor use, and outdoor use. Weather-resistant polyester, polyurethane, and propionol powder coatings. In terms of powder coatings, it has begun to transform from thermoplastic powder coatings to thermal powder coatings, and in powder coatings, it transforms from anti-corrosion coatings to decorative coatings. : The application field is also gradually broadened.

With the rapid development of industry, industrial waste gas, waste water and abandoned ports have caused serious pollution to the environment. European and American countries have continuously issued restrictions on vla tc organic compound (VOC), such as the United States’ Dry Sea Air Regulations. “Clean Air A et, CAA), Germany’s TA Luft Regu iation (TLR), British Environmental Protection Act (Environmental Protection Acr, throw EPA), Sweden’s MS. (Mj-Sky dds Lagen) 》Etc, and the VOC control standards are more stringent as the meter is higher. Especially after the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992, environmental protection has become an important issue worldwide. Powder coatings have high production efficiency (eilcie uc y) and excellent film performance. (excellence), eco-environmental protection (ee ology) and economical (c economic) 42 plastic coating varieties: already occupying a proportion of various coating varieties, since then, powder coatings have become the coatings with a faster growth rate of production so far and in the future One of the varieties.

In the 2000s, powder wood coatings began to be used in automotive coatings, but they were limited to automotive parts, automotive primers, and especially stone-resistant primers. In 1995, the world’s automotive production exceeded 50 million vehicles. Automotive coatings VOC causes serious air pollution. Therefore, Germany stipulates that the VOC of automobile painting workshops is limited to 35g.m*, and only water-based primers are used to cover water-based paint (27g/u) or water-based base powder wood paint topcoat (20g/ m²) in order to meet the requirements. Under this new type of service, powder coating is considered the most common type of coating, which has attracted the attention of various countries. In 1994, the world’s first automotive powder coating coating line rolled off the assembly line.


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