PTFE modified PE wax powder S3920F

2021-12-11   Pageview:631

Product Name: S3920F
Appearance: white micro powder
Melting point (℃): 102-327
Relative density: 1.0-1.5g/ml
Average particle size(µm): <7.5

S3920F is PTFE modified polyethylene ultra-fine wax powder prepared by special process and modified by surface activation. It is mainly used as a modified additive to increase the non-stick and scratch resistance of coating and ink, and also to improve the effect of surface feel and matting effect.













In 1998, the second automobile powder coating coating line was put into production. The European “BMW” and “Smart” cars are all powder coated. BMW is the first European automobile wax manufacturer to use powder wood coating varnish for standard products. The use of powder wood coating intermediate coating in North America: More than a dozen automobile factories in the United States have adopted powder coating coating production lines, and the production plants of General Motors and Chrysler powder (Chrysler) have adopted powder coating as a two-in-one primer. The top five in the world Automotive coating production companies DuPont C DuPont, BASF, Kansai, PPG and Nippon are all further developing powder coatings for automobiles, because the appearance of the coating film cannot meet the high decorative requirements.

The stagnant automotive powder coating has gained a new life. However, after these years of hard work, there has not been a breakthrough in the application of automotive powder coatings. Especially in my country’s automotive applications, including There are not as many applications in automobile chassis and body as in developed countries. Mainly in the application of small auto parts and wheel hubs, attention has been paid, but the total amount of application in the automotive industry and the proportion of total powder coatings are far lower than the level of developed countries. The types of automotive powder coatings are based on the type of resin. There are epoxy, epoxy polyester, ester, polyester and acrylic powder coatings. If they are classified according to the state of the powder coating and the coating method, in addition to the ordinary powder coating applied by the common electrostatic powder coating method, it is also There are electrophoretic powder coatings and wet-coated water-dispersed (water thick paste) powder coatings.

For a time, automobile powder coatings that were stagnant because of the appearance of the coating film could not meet the high decorative requirements. New parts were obtained during this period. In terms of coating varieties, we have developed low-temperature curing epoxy and epoxy polyester powder coatings and polyester: internal acrylic acid powder coatings and other new varieties. In terms of equipment, we have developed rapid powder spraying room color change and quantitative quasi powder supply devices. The computer automatically controls the powder spraying system, as well as new equipment such as high-efficiency high-voltage electrostatic and friction electrostatic spray guns.

In the 1940s and 1990s, the global powder coatings grew at a high growth rate of more than 10%. Compared with regions and countries, the growth rate of the two European countries and Japan was slow, and the growth rate of North America and China was very fast.


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