The role of wax powders in UV ink

2021-04-06   Pageview:424

Wax powders can be used in UV inks, the mainly performance are matting, non-absorbing, and non-foaming effects.

In the UV ink industry, matting powders are generally used to achieve the matting effect. The disadvantage is that the matting powder has a great influence on the viscosity of the UV ink. The small holes in the surface absorb the solvent in the UV ink. When the solvent is absorbed into the matting powder, the UV ink itself will become viscous and even agglomerate, and as time goes on, the caking problem will broke the performance of the UV ink.

The special wax powder of UV ink has no effect on the viscosity of UV ink, the stirring process does not foam, no defoaming agent is used at all, no need to circle, save time and worry, and low risk.

In addition, micronized wax is widely used in printing inks, paints and coatings for its excellent performance, which can improve the surface scratch resistance, wear resistance, increase slip, improve anti-sticking and anti-staining properties, and inhibit printing ink. The glossiness, preventing pigment settling, and the production of high-performance matt inks and paints with matt powder, become an indispensable important additive in the production of paints and inks.

Tianshi wax’s micro powders have a wide variety and a huge effect. It is called industrial MSG and plays an important role in industrial production.


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