Polymer wax emulsion D-816

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Model: D-816
Appearance: White fluid dispersion
Wax type: polyethylene wax
Solid content: 65%
Emulsification type: Non-ionic
Softening point: approx. 128°C (wax)
PH value: 8-9
Stabilizer: None
Particle Size: Approx. 7 microns on average
Dosage: 0.5-2.5% of the total formulation, added with stirring at the latest possible stage of production

Polymer wax emulsion, a high hardness wax preparation, polymer polyethylene wax emulsion for wood paint can improve the gloss, for ink can improve wear resistance

Polymer wax emulsion D-816 is widely used in water-based inks, water-based coatings, floor polishing waxes, giving products excellent scratch resistance, wear resistance, gloss and waterproof performance.

The particle size of polymer wax emulsion is mainly controlled by the emulsifier, high temperature and pressure and rapid cooling during the manufacturing process. The particle size of polymer wax emulsions is small, distributed in the tiny range of 10-500 nanometers.














At present, Anjixiang is the most commonly used degassing agent. It is used in powder coatings at about 0.5% of the total film-forming material. It can be appropriately changed within a certain range according to the type and composition of powder removal. In polyester-HAA (hydroxyalkylamide) powder coatings, taking into account the effect of benzoin on the yellowing of the coating film, its dosage is controlled at 0.3% of the total film-forming substance, and the dosage is minimized.

In addition: Synthetic wax-type smoothing deaerator is also used, and the amount is about 1% of the total powder coating formula. The SA500 smoothing deaerator of Jedida Chemical Co., Ltd. is this product; the Xia961chen of Shanghai Suoshi Chemical Co., Ltd. Also known as modified aviation wax, it is suitable for all kinds of powder coatings, and the dosage is 0.5%~0.8% of the total formula: Hubei Laisi Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. powder degassing agent 4410 is also a similar product, and other companies also have this Products.

In the powder coating formula, the function of the anti-foaming agent is to prevent the powder coating of the cast iron, the steel plate and the hot-rolled plate with sand holes on the surface of the coated object (workpiece). (Particles) or volcanoes, etc.

Additives added to the whole disease surface, that is, to prevent bubbles from forming in the coating film.
When the castings with sand sleep or pinholes, aluminum castings, hot-dip galvanized parts and hot-rolled steel plates are powder-coated, during the baking process, the powder coating will explode and flatten, and the surface of the coating will be closed. Sand holes and pinholes, as the temperature of the coated object increases, the sand skin of the coated object and the honey gas in the pinholes swell, and the internal pressure of the net increases continuously. When the internal pressure is slightly greater than the strength of the baking film, the internal air will escape the smallest bubbles. Because the powder coating is solidified during the film formation process, the melt viscosity of the coating continues to increase, and finally becomes a solid coating. Film, so when the internal pressure in the small bubbles does not reach the energy to break the coating film, these small bubbles form particles or particles (some called sand) that protrude from the surface of the coating film.


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