Attagel® inorganic thixotropic thickeners

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Co-thickening principle

– Attagel® inorganic thixotropic thickeners are usually not used alone, but generally used together with cellulose thickeners and synthetic polymer thickeners to achieve ** results.

– Cellulose thickeners should be used at a level of no less than 0.25% to maintain the freeze melt stability of the coating and to produce the proper viscosity.

– As a general rule, four to five parts of thickener Attagel® inorganic thixotropic thickener must be added for every part of cellulose thickener or every four to five parts of synthetic polymer thickener taken from the extraction section.















The amine-modified alkyd resin has a high molecular weight and a thick adsorption layer. Therefore, there is little change in gloss and yield value before and after storage, and both gloss and yield value are higher than amine cold blending alkyd resin coatings.

The basic pigment phthalocyanine blue A was dispersed in the above three kinds of alkyd resins to make paint, and the gloss and yield value of the 20° mirror were measured.

Although it is a basic pigment, in the melamine-modified alkyd resin paint, the gloss rising speed and the balanced gloss value are about the same as those of the unmodified acidic alkyd resin. However, marcus pe wax the modification with HEE I is different. As the alkali content increases, the gloss gradually decreases.

The yield value of modified with melamine and unmodified did not increase, but the yield value of modified with HEE I increased a lot. The greater the alkali content, the greater the increase in yield value. In other words, the strong alkaline alkyd resin is unfavorable for the dispersion of basic phthalocyanine blue A. The reason is that when the acidic groups of the alkyd resin interact with the basic groups on the surface of the phthalocyanine blue A, the resin/resin also interacts. Because the basicity of the alkyd resin modified by HEE I is stronger than that of phthalocyanine blue A, the acid and base between the resins take precedence. The acid in the resin can hardly interact with the base of the pigment. A sufficient thickness of the adsorption layer cannot be formed on the surface, so the storage stability of the paint is not good, the gloss of the paint film decreases, and the yield value increases. The alkalinity of melamine-modified alkyd resin is lower than that of phthalocyanine blue A, and will not affect the adsorption between the resin and the pigment surface, so it has no effect on the gloss and the crown value.


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