Introduction of Clariant Wax Powder 9615A

2021-12-16   Pageview:298

9615A is a high hardness polyamide modified polyethylene microfine powder wax made by Clariant original factory in Germany, which is suitable for powder coating systems requiring improved surface gloss and feel, water-based and solvent-based coatings and ink systems.


Composition: Polyamide modified polyethylene wax
Appearance: White ultra-fine powder with smooth feel
Particle size: 6.5 microns
Active part: 100%
Melting point: above 150℃















The pattern (floating) agent itself is a surfactant. It reduces the surface tension when the powder is melted into a film. It is actually a compound similar to the leveling agent. The so-called specially formulated powder coating is actually not leveled. Add a small amount of leveling powder coating. If this powder coating is applied to electrostatic powder spraying alone, the resulting coating film will have the appearance of uniformly distributed shrinkage holes on the entire board. When this powder coating (also called base powder) ) And the pattern (floating flower) agent is dry mixed and sprayed. During the baking and curing process, the pattern “floating flower) agent is dispersed on the surface of the molten powder coating to reduce the surface tension, but the pattern (floating flower) agent is always used The amount is small, it cannot reduce the surface tension of the entire coating film like a leveling agent, so that the surface tension of the coating film is uniform to obtain a smooth coating film, but can only reduce the surface tension of the uneven convex part, and still make the surface tension distribution of the coating film uneven: As described in the wrinkle agent, the pattern or orange pattern coating is obtained.

If the pattern (orange pattern) agent is combined with floating pigments, such as carbon black, melting blue, phthalocyanine, permanent red, fast red and aluminum powder When one or more of them are mixed with special powder paint (base powder) and sprayed, the concave part is the color of the base powder coating film, and the convex part is the pattern coating film of the floating pigment color. Due to the unevenness of the coating film With different colors, colorful patterns can be obtained. If the amount of pattern (floating) agent is adjusted, the size of the pattern will also change. Generally, with the increase of the amount of pattern (floating) agent, the three-dimensional effect of the coating pattern decreases, and the coating film The flatness becomes better and the pattern becomes smaller. In addition, the melting level of the foundation powder also affects the size of the pattern.

Commonly used pattern (floating) agents are surfactants such as acrylate homopolymers or lactene copolymers. Generally, epoxy or polyester resins are used as carriers for dispersion, and the content of active ingredients is less than that of leveling agents. Make the pattern (floating flower) agent and the powder coating uniformly dispersed during dry mixing. The fineness of the pattern (floating flower) agent is required to reach about 140 mesh. If it is too thick, the electrostatic effect of the pattern (floating flower) agent is not good. Affect the pattern texture of the coating film. The technical indicators of the pattern (floating flower) agent BBM and BBW K produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. are shown in Table 2-24. The dosage of this pattern (floating flower) agent in the formula is 1%~2 of the total base powder %, the floating pigment is determined according to the requirements of the pattern color and the color of the base powder. In addition, Guangzhou Tianxian Trading Co., Ltd.’s pattern (floating flower) agent AS5B, the amount of which is 0.05%~0.5% of the total foundation powder; Hangzhou Zhongshun Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.’s special TF floating flower (pattern) agent ZS-503 , The dosage is 0.5%~0.8% of the total foundation powder; there are also pattern (floating flower) agent KF-30 (import) and three-dimensional pattern agent 508 from Hubei Laisi Chemical New Material Co., Ltd.


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